About the district of Habo

The municipality of Habo is located in the province Västergötland and has 13275  inhabitants (Dec. 31, 2023). It was earlier a part of the county of Skaraborg, but since January 1998 it belongs to the county of Jönköping.

The municipality consists of several small-sized villages besides the regional centre Habo; Furusjö, Fagerhult, Baskarp, Gustav Adolf and Brandstorp.

The juridictional district

The district belonged to the countship of Visingsborg from 1567 to about 1690, and after that it became a part of Vartofta härad.

The church

The parishes of Habo, Gustav Adolf and Brandstorp belong to Skara diocese since several hundred years. Under the main part of the 18th- and 19th-century Habo was the motherparish. The parishes have three unique wooden churches.

The parishes

In the beginning of the 19th-century Brandstorp and Gustav Adolf became parishes of their own. Before that Gustav Adolf belonged to the parish of Habo, and Brandstorp belonged to the parish of Daretorp and Velinga.

The parish Gustav Adolf received its name from the crown prince of that time, later king Gustav IV Adolf.

Brandstorp received its name from the farm Brandstorp.

The name Hagabodhom (Habo) was to be found as early as in the 14th-century, and it means something like ”meadows with sheds which are fenced”.

The municipality

Habo and Gustav Adolf formed the municipality of Habo in 1952, and Brandstorp became the third part in 1974. Brandstorp was earlier a part of the municipality of Södra Fågelås.